Starting an Old, New Chapter

I'm starting an old, new chapter.  How can it be old and yet new?  Well, I've been in construction for almost 15 years.  I've done the hammering, the estimating, the customer service, and more.  I've done more framing and tile installation than I could shake a stick at.  So, knowing home construction?  That's the old part.  

The new part is home inspecting.  After many years of the body-crushing job of contracting, I became interested in this industry.  It seemed like a great way to utilize my knowledge, give my back a break, and help individuals make wise home choices. I took the required course and completed the supervised inspections to become licensed.  

Now, as I embark on this old, new journey, I'm truly excited to help people by using my years of experience.  I love using my knowledge to help people buy the right tool, the right part, and now, the right house.  

Here's to the new journey,